Thursday, October 05, 2006

In memory

This post is in memory of two people.
Jeri Haskins and Roger Castle.
Jeri passed away one week ago, Roger crossed over this morning.

For Jeri:
Memories made by firelight
laughter under a fullface moon
always the last to go to bed,
even us "kids" couldn't keep up!

Always the first one up.
You make coffee for GOD,
as old as you where,
you didn't let it interfere
with what you wanted to do.

Golfing, or swimming in the pool,
sipping margarittas in mexico for the day,
sitting and sunning
with good friends by the bay.

You will be missed here
on this big old rock
your laughter and fun ways
who will stay up with us "kids" now?

Who will, with god,great the day?
I guess you'll do that from Heaven now.

My dad will miss the company
when he rises in the early mornings
to go fishing at the cabin.

You'll be missed when everyone is in Yuma too.
Who will go to mexico
with my mom now, for shopping
and drinking and fun?

I know you'll with them,
even if they don't.
And now Larry will REALLY have to
mind his P's and Q's,
Because your watching every move.

I love you Jeri,
as so very many do.
What I will miss the most
is your light hearted wisdom,
and the way that got people to listen.
Even when they didn't want to.

Until we meet again, Blessed be.

For Roger"
When I think of you,
memories come flooding back.
Being a young girl and
sitting on my dads lap, listening
as you told stories back and forth.
I remember being small, at the firehouse
playing on the trucks with your son, Andy.
And how we would get in trouble for climbing
on the hoses. How we alwys got a bottled drink from the
little refrigerator thingy.
I remember easters, and christmas's and times
when you all went out. Fourth of July! When the
cops came by, to say quite lighting those off!
Barbecues and pit roasted pig.
Great times at Robinsons beach.
I remember you laugh and your smile,
and the way you were always willing to listen.
I remember you gave all us kids respect.
We were people too.
And the respect was delivered back to you.
All of us knew we could go to Roger.
( Great now I'm crying)
You will be missed for more reasons then one.
You will be missed by more then a wife and son.
You were precious and rare Roger.
Merry meet, and merry meet again.

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