Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Here we are folks. With yet another day in the life of the Queen. Its been going slow lately. Went for a job interview last thursday for the perfect job. Guess I wasn't the perfect canidate for the job. Never did get a call back. Oh. Well. Never say die. Right? RIGHT!!
Going to Anecortes today to spend some time with the oldest daughter Pan!! Very excited. I haven't seen her for about two weeks and other then messaging back and forth we haven't talked much on the phone or anything, so it will be nice to actually be in the same place as she is. I wish I could go see Sierra and Lynndsey too. I miss them bunches. Sierra told me she wants to come home. It hurt to tell her she was home. She has to spend the school year with her dad. Which sucks because I really miss her and Lynn.
I don't know when I will be going to Montana. Billy is still in jail. He has a final court hearing on Nov. 16th.
HIs nephew Rusty said we were more then welcome to stay at his place when we first get there and all that. Until we can get jobs and move out! Wich is nice to know we have somewhere to go.
Now regardless of Billy I am going to Montana. Either way it works out . I will be in Montana by late spring if it kills me. I need to do some stuff before I can go on my own. It will work out better and faster if I go with Billy to his nephews. I love Billy and I want to be with him but I am not basing my life on him either. Not at this time. I am the one who wants to go to Montana . All my dreams of my entire life have been based in Montana. Eventually my dreams will come true! YES THEY WILL!!!!! I am making them come true. It is going to take time, dedication, and lots of hard work. Sounds like fun doesn't it!!!
I have been looking things up on the internet and figured out that I really need to go to the library. Because even though there is a buttload of info out there on the net. It just doesn't compare to a book. In my opinion anyway.
In other news, I've been doing a lot of sitting around lately and its driving me nuts. This is crazy all this doing nothing. Dont' really have many options though. I do a lot of job hunting on the internet. I am sure I will find something soon. I have to find something. I need much more money then what I am getting now. DSHS is trying to help me get employed too, yah, I need help. So what. Its all part of the process of getting back on my feet again. Get a job. Get a car. Save up a bit of money. Move to Montana, get into school, get a job, save up money to start business, start business, make more money, but an rv, travel around the country.
Got the plan. Now I just have to get a job to start it all off with. Reach all the little goals on the way to the big ones and I will be all good. Right now the little goals are to wake up early each day, look for work, find work. Go to work when I get a job. Sounds easy doesn't it? It would be if anyone appreciated my skills.

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