Thursday, October 12, 2006

Good Day for new leaf turning

I've been down this road before,
The one that has all the turns and junctions,
It seems like yesterday I passed that rock,
Seems I have passed that rock many times,
Going in circles is crazy, not lazy,
Why do I repeat this path, these lessons,
Guess I didn't learn the first time,
Turn here, dad says.
No turn up there says mom,
Go that way Sister says,
Turn around and head back for a spell says the shrink,
Tired, I have decided to fuel up on love for me,
and go forward.
Down the really long and hard road.
The one with all the bumps and three foot pot holes.
The one that Goddess says is best,
The one the Lord has lighted for me, from the day I was born,
The one I have avoided out of fear and frustration,
The one everyone led me away from.
The one I tried with all my might not to take before.
I've loaded up on validation and creation,
I've packed my bags with hope and determination.
There is nothing to fear but success.
Will I fall?
Will I get up and keep going?
You know it,
I have thus far.
Let nothing stop me.
Never again.
For I am going forward.

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