Sunday, September 11, 2005


September ninth nineteenninetysix
The world became a better place at 12:40 pm.
A little girl was born, she was named Lynndsey. By the time she was nine years old she would already have many stories to tell about her life.

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It doesn't seem that long ago, when I think about it, If I close my eyes, if I allow myself. I can feel her in my arms when she was so tiny and snuggly. I can smell her sweet baby smell, feel the ultra softness of her hair. I can hear her screaming in with angry indignity that I would dare to give her a bath. I can feel the smashed potatoes still warm hitting me square on the nose when she decided to toss them at me. I can see her digging her entire hand into her very first piece of birthday cake. I can see her struggling to walk in a straight line. The memory of hearing her say mama for the first time brings tears to my eyes. Looking at her now, sitting there watching tv with such concentration, she has only been nine for two days and already I see the changes another year has made that I didn't notice before her birthday.
Even though I have two other precious baby girls, I don't know what I would do with out this one. Lynndsey. Nine. Wow and Whoa.
Today is a happy birthday to my Donna mom and Dereks daughter Jordan.
Next month there are even more birthdays to come and again in December.
Birthdays are such an important mile marker in our lives. Celibrating the day of your birth, the day you arrived in this world is such an important thing to do. Yes it means admitting that you are older. Yes it means that another year of your life is gone. But it also is a great way to remember and celibrate everything you have learned and accomplished in the last year, a reminder to look forward to all that you will learn and accomplish in the coming year. If your not growing old gracefully your are doing it ungracefully. No one wants to do that!


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