Friday, September 02, 2005


The wind and rain
of natures pain
with brutal force unrestrained

made its angry way

the wind and rain
came upon our land
tearing down houses
blowing down trees
desimating cities

the wind has blown
natures fury staind
every heart in pain

people gone crazy with stress
shooting rescuers
pushing aside the slain

bodies in the streets
rats banquet, Senators congradulate
Someone dropped the ball
but it wasn't me, or them.

homeless, sick , and dying
filling our domes
every heart staind
with memories of pain

What the wind didnt'
What nature didn't ruin
What water didn't make a lake

Idiots have shot
looted and raped
assholes burned
and the government forsakes

What the wind blew away
tore down and relocated
can be replaced
what lack of preparation
allowed to die will be forever

Lives are shattered,
a new atlantis born
memories last forever
lost alone forlorn
Open your arms AMERICA
Open your doors wide
your neighbors on your doorstep
they need a chance at lifee.

It is beyond my comprehension why people would shoot at rescue workers, at people being evacuated from hospitals. I guess it just goes to prove that if you are of a criminal mind your mind doesn't change when tragedy is laid out before you. It makes you worse. I think that when these people are caught they should simply be put out of our misery.
The amount of time it is taking to get everyone out of there is making me sick. Knowing that people are dying because rescue efforts are being hindered in a variety of ways just astounds me. This is a tremendous disaster and AMERICA needs to pull together. There need to be people with buses and trucks lined up to get folks out of there. And TEXAS needs to be joined by other states in opening there doors. As human beings WE need to open the doors of our homes.
There are things that can be done. Landlords can give people empty rentals with three months free rent so they can get on there feet. Companies need to give jobs, corporations need to donate food, clothes, furniture, towels, bedding, housewares, right along side WAL * MART.
The general public needs to donate money, time, skills. I don't care who you are. THERE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO.

TEXAS rocks in my book, along with WAL*MART and the RED CROSS and sooooo many other organizations and 20 countries around the world.
This is a huge catastrophy we all need to do what ever we can to help every singel person who has lost their home, their relatives, their jobs and everything they owned.


******call your American Red Cross TODAY and volunteer!!!!!!!!!!!!

***** PIRATE PLAN****

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