Tuesday, September 06, 2005


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When I look at this image my heart swells with pride. Or at least it used to anyway.
I am still very proud of the people this image represents. I am how ever not proud of what is happening to some of the people whom this falg represents.
Some say not to blame Bush. Some say it is no ones fault. Hurricane Katrina did all the damage. Hurricane Katrina did not leave people on their roof tops to starve to death, to die of thirst and exposure to the heat and sun. Hurricane Katrina did not tell the Red Cross they could not enter New Orleans. Hurrican Katrina did not make people stay in New Orleans to hours later tell them to walk out if they could. Hurrican Katrina did not leave people walking on the interstate begging for help as she drove blindly by. Hurricane Katrina did not send aid to some areas and not others. What Hurricane Katrina did do was treat every single person the same. As she tore through neighborhoods she did not give a shit if some one was black, white, or polka dotted. She spread her destruction around equally. She did not leave any one out. If she didn't take your life, she took your mothers, daughters, grandfathers, best friends, you get the picture I am painting here for you.
As always I regress to thinking positive.
I believe that we will know think of the homeless in a whole new light.
I believe that we have and or will all learn something very very important from all of this.
I believe that everyone will at some point be better off after this in some way or another.
I believe that every person whom passed did so because they were meant to.
I have my beliefs you have yours don't put me down for mine.
I believe that hearts have opened and hence so have doors. Doors that at one time and in a different situation would have never ever even begun to think of opening.
I am grateful for that alone and in and of itself.
I know that Bush is doing the wrong things and so is FEMA. As people have said. Now is not the time to place the blame.. Hmmmm...exactly when should we point these things out then. Five years from now when this happens again some where else. How many people have to die to bring the point home to the blind and deaf and in denial that our country suffers from a severe case of racism. Our very own ELECTED president suffers from this disorder of ignorance. The director of FEMA suffers also.
As do so many many others. I am so disgusted by this situation, I cannot think of anything else........
When you look at that picture above. What do you feel?

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