Monday, September 12, 2005

Nothing in particular

Went to work today. That was fun. I am enjoying this job almost as much as I enjoy working with the elderly. On thursday afternoon I am going to go to one of our local pharmacies that deliver and apply for a thursday through saturday delivery job. They always need people who will drive at night time too. Alot of the folks that used to deliver to me brought there entire family along for the trips most nights so I know if I had a sick kid or something that I could bring them. Just as I can know with the floral company. The owner is tre cool that way.The van is fully insured so thats not a problem. Anyway I really don't have much to say and Friday is my last day of having internet until I get moved and get things figured out. With the higher rent I might be borrowing my sisters internet when ever Its convienient for her and Dave to let me do that. I need to keep my bills to a minimum. Getting a second job would help a lot. Night deliveries are almost always to the same clientel so I wouldn't have to worry about getting lost. I would be able to find the places in the daytime and then drive right to them at night. Reading the Thomas guide is getting easier for me. I still have problems being able to read the street signs soon enough though. I keep having to turn around !!!
Anyway, this damn machine is acting funny again so I don't know how much longer its gonna hold out anyway regardless of Internet connections.
Love to all of you. I hope to catch up at least once more on Thursday night with everyone. If not, If you don't hear from me. Know that I am thinking of all of you. All the time!
God bless you each and every one:)

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