Monday, January 09, 2006

Back to Me........

Just for starters I want to say. I want more choices for fonts!
Anyway. Not much going on around here. Met some new folks thanks to Nej.
We had a great New Years eve at our new fave hangout. Happy Land Chinese restraunt. I have no clue what the bar/ lounge is called but its part of the restraunt. We sing kareoke there and have a general great time.
New years was a blast and last weekend was just as fun. One of Nej's friends is gonna rent the living room floor for a while. Great guy. Just split from his girlfriend. I am kinda hoping he and moo will hit it off. I have a pretty good crush going on for the guys best friend. His name is Clay. Not Nej's friend, thats Billy. Clay is Billys friend. And he is really really cute. And he likes his ladies Queen sized and thats me!!! My panty ho's say so:) Okay thats a lie I don't wear those. But it says that on this little bear that Amanda got me for Christmas and I just laugh and laugh everytime I think about it. The bear has a little crown and everything. Hm back to subject. So anyway, he is tall and has dark eyes. Although I am not sure if they are dark blue or dark brown. Because it was dark when I met him. I sure would love to find out though. I hope I do!
I could just have Nej call his ex Sally. But I am sure that would not go over to well because Sally was with Jason before I was and uh yeah. We have the same taste in men I guess.. although she was with Billy and I just don't see him that way. Then there is this amazing and beautiful man with dark skin and he is so soft and warm and just like a giant teddy bear. His name is Jimmy and I want him NOW! When we were at the bar Saturday night it was his birthday and he was getting all the girls to kiss him and hug him and all. And he sat down with us and I got up and I said to Jen that I just wanna fuck that man. And she told him what I said! Surprise suprise he said." when?"!!!!!!!! HEE HEEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Okay yes I am excited. Shhhhh. Anyway, eh heh. When he hugs a lady it is like she is the only one in the world. The most precious person to him, in those moments he makes you feel like everything is else is G.O.N.E.
And when he kissed me. Oh boy. He kissed NeJ goodbye too, then he came around to my side of the truck and kissed me and when he pulled back he says." mmmmm, mmm, them lips." I just laughed and Nej says" yeah, she got that dsl thing going on." Again all I could do is laugh. I just smiled at him. And then we left. I am conflicted just a tad now. There is are a couple of guys online that I would like to meet and then there is Jimmy, irresistable and loveable, funny and amazing Jimmy. And Clay. I guy that when I saw him I thought to myself. Yup, theres my next man right there. Everytime I have had those thoughts. It happend. I knew it and it happend. I want to meet him meet him. And get to know him and yeah. I can't get him out of my mind. I have a feeling he has no clue about any of this. Most men don't I know. Don't. Okay well I am tired of typing and really want to read blogs for the first time in a while!!!!!!
Love to all:)

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