Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hey now!

Boy howdy! I just realized that I have not really shown my naughty side to anyone that reads here!
There is this entire part of who I am, an esential part of who I am that no one even knows. And since family reads this too and god knows who else!!! I am not really going to share that here. I do have a diry, naughty ,erotic stories blog. But that is erotica in my fledgling author state. In other words. Its not really very good and therefore not worth reading!...
But I have been tossing around this idea of creating another blog which will be invitation only. And which will be more of me and who I am out in the open. Basically how I reall ,really feel with out sugar coating because of fear of what some folks might think or be offended by. I really can't do that hear like I want to because to many people I know read this blog. As I stated above up yonder somewhere. Soooo, keep a look out in your mail boxes for an invite. And please ask for one if you would like one. Because there are some of you my dear wonderful friends who I believe I would offend and maybe I am wrong. Don't be afraid I will not bite. Not hard anyway!
Okay well. I am going to go figure out what to name the new blog and see what happens with a first,in your face post.
Oh boy!!!!!!!!! I think it will be good for my soul and mind the way this blog has been. I really don't know what I would have done in the last year if I hadn't had the support from everyone here. I can't thank Bloggerville enough for being there for me. And some very ,very special people. SEE LINKS LIST!!!!!!

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