Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hello Every body

Wooo my nose hurts it is so stuffed up. Had fun last night except for the drama. It was easily solved though. T, I love you and I am grateful that you love me and want to look out for me.
Things just could have been handled differently on both parts.
When Billy and I left here we were expecting drama from some one else. They didn't give us the drama, we were surprised out of left field with what happend. I really don't know how things got to the point they did. I know neither one of you were listening to the other. I hope this gets resolved. I can see myself falling in love with Billy. I am sure in time things will be okay.
I love you Tannis. You are my sister and one of my best friends. I hope when things chill out a bit you and Billy can sit and talk. He is more then willing to make that effort because of how he feels about me and the kids. And you have to admit. Jason would have left and he would have hit you. Billy did neither of those things.

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