Wednesday, January 18, 2006



Just kidding! HAHAHAHAHAHA
Okay well lets see. So much has been going on. I really don't know what to blog about first. I was thinking last night about advice.
The advice that I give to others. Recently ( two days ago) Nej told me how right I am. She has been taking my advice lately and has found that things that I have been saying to her for years are true and right. Hmmm. Then I was giving my friend Max some advice and he told me that I needed to meet his dad. Seems me and the old man have been giving Max the same advice and we have never even spoken to each other on the phone. So Max has been listening to us and has found us to be correct. The funny thing is is that I found myself giving advice to Nej and Max that I really need to consider for my own self. Made me think about all the times I have been given great advice by someone and then wondered why they didn't apply it to themselves. We are all like that. It is so much easier to advise and encourage others in their lives then it is to advise and encourage ourselves. Isn't that just fucked up!
So I made a decision. I am going to follow my own damn advice.
Because I make sense dammit. And it is time for ME to realize that.
I am suprised anyone took me seriosly when I wasn't taking myself seriously. How can I ask anyone to trust me if I don't trust myself?
Time to change that. TODAY.
In other news. I got another puppy today. He is an English Pittbull Terrier.
His name is now Malaki. He was my friends dog that he had given to his girlfriend. But girlfriend made him take it back when they broke up.
He actually got two puppies back. So I had wanted one when they were first born. Now I ended up with one. The sweetest one if I may say so myself. So Now I have Three dogs. A wirehair Duschund, an American Yellow Lab, and a Staffordshire Pittbull Terrier. Or English Pitt. They are shorter then the American Pitt. Which is what Kilo is, thats Nejs dog, and since she just moved in with me Kilo is here too. Along with my moms dog may when she is here.Also that means that even though I gave away the worst cat, I am back up tp six, because Nej has two cats.
Lets do another count.
3 dogs) Daezee Dukers, Boceaphus Cleatus Lionel, and Malaki Jethro.
4 cats) Lakota Joe, Sunni Mornin,Buddah, and Rocki Diesel.
2 Fish tanks
3 birds, Buddy(parakeet) and Cleo, and Leo, ( cockatiels)
1 Anole ( lizard ((chameleon)) ) named Thunder.
2 Cats Ottis,and Sassy
1 Tiny ass dog ( chihuahua) Daisy May

I think I have a sickness that makes me addicted to animals. I have to have something though.
Animals, incense, and chocolate.
Hell I could be smoking. I can't believe its been damn near 8 months already!!!!!

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