Monday, January 30, 2006

Well F*U*C*K!!

I didn't get the job at the Herald after all. I couldn't pee in that damn cup and they can't do any other testing method. This really sucks. I wish I could have gotten that job. The lady that hired me was quite upset. She really wanted to work with me. Well it just means that something else will come along. Hopefully I won't have to pee in a damn cup. I can't believe that drugs have become so much of a problem that employers have to do ua's as a condition of hire.
Sucks for those of us who could pass a u a no problem. If we could just pee in the cup.Ug
On the other hand maybe this is because I am supposed to move it Moses Lake.
My friend Katie talked to her aunt and uncle. They just had her move over there because they own all kinds of apartments and trailer parks and they needed help. Well they still need help and they said I could go over and have a two bedroom apartment with my dogs and cats, and only pay 400.00 a month for rent and included in that is electic and cable! Do you know how cheap that is!
And right outside my front door. A POOL!
I am seriously considering going. Billy is on probabation though for something stupid so he would have to get permission. Anyway, in June his probabtion is up.
So I might just be moving to Texas!
In March we are going to Louisville Kentucky for a truck show.
Billy does polishing and detail. Specializes in big rigs. He has a job to do there so thats where we will be for ten days!!! WOOO HOOO. I need to find a blogger in Kentucky to meet! Well we will be driving too so I might just get to meet a few of you anyway!!!!! And we will be going to more truck shows all over the country all summer. In August we are just going to do a circuit. My kids will be at their repsective fathers familys for that month so I am free to move about the country.
Cool Eh. I can't wait. Do you know how many bloggers I could potentially meet!!
I am so excited about that. And I get to travel WOOT!!!! Billy is going to teach me his trade so I can help him. We are trying to get as many trucks as he can do.
So if you know anyone with a big rig send them our way. Billy has refrences up the wazoo. The lady who plans the shows gives Billys name to anyone who asks her if she knows any one. Yes, he is that good at what he does.
I will go find the link to the truck he is doing for the Kentucky show.
Okay I am going to have to find them later. I found the chrome shop mafia page but I couldn't find the truck Billy is doing. I will have him find it and put in the link. The truck is fucking sweeeeet. It has wood fucking floors!!!!

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