Thursday, January 05, 2006


Today we said goodbye to one of the most wonderful ladies and human beings I have ever had the joy to meet.
She was amazing and it was stated at her funeral. The preacher guy was really funny and warm and I really liked him. Which is rare for me.
My dad read my poem that I wrote. no I didn't post it and I don't know that I will.
I didn't think it was all that good but it made people cry so I guess it was effective in some way.
After the funeral service we all gathered at kuhnles Tavern. A place owned by friends of the family. A place were Dottie could often be found and we had a wonderful time reconnecting with people we hadn't seen for ten or more years.
I heard lots of stories I hadn't known before. It is interesting to me to see how people deal with death differently.
Dotties daughter Missy was so strong and stoic and her brother (the youngest) Walt was a teary eyed wreck most of the time. The oldest Lief was a rock and a half! He only got a little weepy when my dad was reading my poem and his voice waivered just a bit.
Today has been a day of rollercoaster rides and walks down memory lane.
I am tired.
More tomarrow......................

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