Saturday, January 21, 2006

Whenever it appears

My new little icon dude is a frog. And it is a frog that my daughter Sierra drew on the computer. I don't know how she does this stuff. She never ceases to amaze me with her artistic ability. It even flows out through a mouse. I can hardly get the mouse to go were I want it to go. Let alone to draw something and have it come out recognizable and cool like bellie did. I am going to share my new tatoo ideas too.
Oh I can't wait until the day comes when I can get them all done!!!!
The fairy doggie at the top of my blog is going to go on my hip. Its for Sierra. She has requested that I get it for her. Amanda has a Panda. And Lynn is going to have a whinnie the pooh. Not alot going on here...
Going out with Devry again tonight. Gonna go sing Kareoke. We did a kick ass rendition of the monkeys song Day dream believer. I wouldn't mind singing it again tonight. THen Devry and Billy did Save a horse ride a cowboy it was pretty damn good too. Billy stayed here last night. He is just a kick in the pants to hang out with. Hopefully tonight we will have a blast again like we did last night. Their is another bar right close to Happy Land called Frasiers. We went over there for a little bit too and we had a good time. Devry was dancing in a circle of like four girls gettin his groove on. He tried to get me to dance but yeah I just wasn't up for it. I have to feel in the mood and comfortable and all kinds of things just have to be right and then I am still weirded out. I don't know why. I can get up in front of a theater of people and do any part of Rocky Horror Picture show. I can get up in front of the bar and sing with my horrible voice. But I can't dance and enjoy myself at the same time when I am at a bar. Weird huh.?

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