Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I am guessing that the cable guys will be out tomarrow sometime to pull the cable and internet connection. I am not sure why they didn't come today???
Had an interesting day though. Billy took the day off because he had two things he had to take care of himself. And I had an appointment with the government. Yes thats right I applied to be a goeverment cheese bitch today. They are going to help me apply for SSI. When I started talking to the lady about all the stuff wrong with me ( hey she asked) She looked at me and asked me how I manage to function on a daily basis without being heavily medicated in a wheel chair. I looked at her and said I have no choice. I am a mom, I have to do things. She told me she wanted me to apply for SSI. I said okay. It takes a load of worry off my mind. I also applied for an emergency grant to pay my rent as I have a three day pay or vacate and no income at the moment. My workers comp is done and Jen and mom both moved out. I don't know what I would do if Billy was'nt here being so supportive and wonderful. Things are going well so far.
We are learning eachother, and the buttons we have. He doesn't like cold hands and I must have his full attention when I am talking. That goes for EVERYONE though. I do not like it when people try to multi task when I am speaking to them. Derek can tell you that from many experiences of me smacking him upside the head with an attitude two by four!!!
Billy is learning this too. All though I toned down the attitude with him. I did call him an asshole though it was playfully said. We get along just fine and laugh often. I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Its funny when we sleep. We start off all snuggly and stuff and then as we are falling asleep we move AWAY from eachother. We both need space to sleep, but we come together in the middle of the night and move away again. We seem to have a tide....
Anyway, I am hoping all goes well with getting the emergency grant. I have no other way of paying the rent. Whatever grant they give me will not be enough to pay it. Soooo anywhooooo
I am bored and tired and so I am going to stop typing now.

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