Friday, February 10, 2006

A list of chores

This is what I did yesterday and am hurting for today....
1) I got out of bed
2) I had the kitchen clean before I even woke Billy up.
3) I had the dining room and living room picked up before he even went to work.
4) Scrubbed both bathrooms from top to bottom
5) SCrubbed all floors including the entry hallway.
6) Swept all the carpet ( every room) (( my vaccuum went tits up))
7) Steam cleaned all the carpets
8) steam cleaned the kitchen chairs
9) Did 6 loads of laundry
10 rearranged and cleaned and reorganized my bedroom.( this is why I am hurting I moved my king size bed around all by my lonesome cuz I couldn't stand where it was)
11) Put Moo and Jens stuff in the living room and hallway. ( they need to come get their crap I am not a storage unit!)
12) Replaced light bulbs
13) washed and put curtains back up
14) Unloaded the dishwasher
15) walked the dogs twice
16) posted
17) sang
18) rearranged my desk and cleaned ( dusted the computer)and stereo)
19) smoked at least five cigarettes. *yes I started smoking again and no I don't want to hear about it!!!!*
20) thought about washing the windows but took a shower instead
21) ate something finally
22) talked to Billy
23) thought about going through the books but fell asleep instead
24) went out to Happy Land and had a great time.
25) Flipped Kenny shit
26) Was told by at least 5 people how much Billy loves me, and then he told me how much he loves me. He bought me a rose with a valentine teddy bear attached its cute and it says To Denise From Billy I love you!

There is more to the story but I will tell it when I am sure of what it all means..
I just got up and took a shower just now
my back hurts really really fucking bad and I need drugs but have no medical.
I hurted my bad ass self moving that stupid fucking bed. I have no patience. That'll learn me.
On ward and forward I think I will take some tylenol and go back to bed.
I hope you are all doing well!!!

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