Friday, February 24, 2006

Memories More

Today memories have been swimming in my head like otters.
Frolicking in the waves of the ocean in my warped mind like dolphins.
Earlier I had a great memory of our cabin. Sitting on the old steps with Renae and Vicki ( my sister). We were watching the adults sitting on the deck. Mostly men. And they were drinking beer and shooting crows.
The crows were falling from the sky like black rain. I remember distinctly how there beautiful feathers would shine and glisten as they fell. I know it sounds strange to say that this was a good memory.
But it wasn't the mass murder of a murder of crows that was the good part, although trying to tell the starlings and sparrows that would be difficult.
The good part is remember the smell of the wind, and the cocunut oil on my skin and the skin of my sister. The salt water in our hair. Smoke from the fire not to far away. The smell of dinner cooking in the kitchen and the bbq.
The good part is remembering how much all those people loved and cared about us kids. How much they loved and cared about each other.
All the funerals I have been to in the past five years have been for people I grew up knowing from the cabin and super bowl parties and ice skating on the lakes if it was cold enough. From crab feeds and trips to the Ocean at Copalis Beach in Washington to go clam digging.
Most of the kids I grew up are all far away and living there own lives.
The only time I see them is at weddings and funerals. Which sucks.
* I swear I am going to invite all of them to come to our wedding just so that I can see them!*
I miss them so much sometimes.
My family adopted Kelli now. Both her parents are gone.
Her mother died when she was 11 or so and her dad passed away two years ago. I am proud to say that she is my sister. Even if she was 37 when we adopted her!
As you all know we just buried one of the most pivotal people in my life.
Dottie. I still miss her . She has come around here and there though to remind me know she didn't really go any where.
I would like to say hi to Kim, Ginger, Susie, Stevie, Andy, Missy, Wally, Lief, Renae, Kelly, Stacy, Lee, and Todd.
I miss you guys!

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