Monday, February 06, 2006

Well well well

Okay well Seahawks lost the game. This means that I have to kiss Ed's butt in front of everyone at Happy Land this weekend. Yes I made a bet and I am going to stick to it. I gotta pucker up to pay up. I literally have to kiss my friends ass! I told him, I am gonna smack it, kiss it, then smack it again!
Hey if I gotta kiss some body's ass. I am gonna at least make it fun for me too!!! Ed said he would enjoy that and his wife thinks this is the funniest and funest bet she has ever witnessed being paid up. So sometime this weekend I will be laying my lips on a mans behind. The clincher. I have never met Ed or his wife. Ed is an online friend who will be coming to my area just especially to get this bet paid to him!!!!
Sheesh. I can't even get out of it by saying he is too far away:)
That will teach me to make bets.....

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