Saturday, February 18, 2006

Some People

Are tragically in need of a brain transplant.
When I got together with Billy I introduced him to Tommy.
Tommy didn't seem to get the clue. He came over the other day and put his hands all over me, tried to kiss me several times, grabbed at me and when I told him I would not fuck him he asked me if I would watch him jack off. This is sick to me. How could he do this. I told him in very plain language that I was in love with Billy, I told him quite loudly not to touch me. He kept doing it, grabbing my chest and my coochie. He wipped out his dick even and started stroking it. As if I would not be able to resist his tiny little noodle. I am still quite shaking by the event.
I made him leave after threating twice to scream for my kids to go get one of their uncles. He left saying okay okay shhh don't tell anyone this happend. FUCK YOU DUDE!
I told my moo first. Then she went down with my brothers girlfriend Trinia and told Tommy a thing or two. Trinia eventually told my brother something was up, but she didn't know what it was, so Moo had to tell him, but she didn't go into detail. I of course told Billy, believe me when I tell you he wants to make Tommy into mist in the wind. I told my bro in law Rob, and he had a convo with Tommy too and with Sev, ( my brother) Rob told me today that I will not have to worry about Tommy anymore. It has been made extremely clear that he is to stay away from me, and Sev is gonna kick his fucking ass. I know Billy will want to get in on that, I don't want him to go to jail. I understand he wants to say a few things to Tommy. I just don't want Billy to go to jail. That won't do him any good, and Tommy will still be a fucktard. He will be in the hospital but he will still be a fucktard. I just don't think violence is the way to handle the situation. Tell him off in anyway you want. Tell him that his ass will be history if he even thinks about saying hello to me. But don't put yourself in jail over Tommy. He is not worth it. I don't want my brother to go to jail either. I don't want anyone to go to jail. I just want Tommyasshat to leave me the fuck alone. He has a fucking girlfriend. Why doesn't he jack off for her?
Speak of the devil he is right down stairs. His girlfriend lives in the apartment under mine.
I want to move suddenly. Before June rolls around. I want out of here. I know I could take Tommy in a fucking heart beat. Scramble his egg. But I don't feel as safe now. I wouln't mind going to jail myself. And now I am kicking myself in the ass for not kicking his ass and not knocking him the fuck out.

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