Friday, January 19, 2007

Got a call from California today

Billy is in Jail yet again. I don't know what he was arrested for to begin with but they got him for not being registered. Which doesn't really make any sense since he hasn't even been in Cali for 24 hours. Well he has now, but at the time he hadn't been.
Anyway, the guy that called me told me he didn't know if Billy would be extredited back here or not. I talked to another friend of ours today and he says that WA. often extradites from Cali. So Billy may just well be coming back here even though he didn't want to. He wanted to avoid jail altogether. But he doesn't seem to understand that he won't be able to do that if he doesn't take care of his past. We just talked about it when I talked to him the other day too. And he was on his way to Arizona to take care of things there. So that he could come back up here and not have as big of issues, so that he wouldn't be in jail as long. Looks like god and goddess have other plans for Billy though. I really hope he catches a clue from this. But he never has before. So my hopes aren't high. I really do love him, and I miss him tremendously. Jen wants to move to Alabama or Louisianna,she wants me to go with her. I really don't want to do that.
I want to move to Oregon so that my two youngest daughters can have both their parents near them all the time. And can spend time with that side of the family too. And where they are is only four hours from here, so it would be close enough to drive over in summers and be around my side of the family too. And close enough to see friends. I don't want to live in the south. I want to live in Montana at least at some point in my life. Jen first said she wanted to move to Florida still. I said HELL NO!!!! You can go on your own, She said she didn't want to move without me. Well if she goes to Alabama she will have to go without me. ALthough I loved LA when we went through it on the bus. I cried. It felt like HOME. But I don't want to be that far from my kids and I sure don't want to move them that far from family again. So I am sticking with my Oregon plan. But you all know me pretty well by now. I could change my mind and back again a million times bewtween now and June.
I think what I want most in the world is just never going to happen for me anyway, I may as well give up.

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