Monday, January 08, 2007

Moving sooner then I thought

Well it seems that we will be moving to Montana much sooner then anticipated. Jen and I were going to go in February to check it out, check out jobs and places to live and all that. Jen has decided that she does not want to come back here to Washington in February and wants to just get the hell out of Dodge. Well thats all fine and Dandy with me!!! I don't want to be here any longer then I need to be. The dreams about all this going in the drink have been getting more and more vivid and more detailed, and well just all around a helluva lot more scary. To the point where I am afraid to go to sleep anymore. Since I have to work tomarrow at 11 am this is not a good thing tonight. It is almost five am now. I can't sleep anymore then I could give myself a tattoo. Not talented enough to do that!!
I am excited to get to Montana. And since it is so close I will be coming back in summer to visit. That is if there is a here left.
Work is going well. I suppose. There are many communication issues, I imagine that is true for anywhere though. I just wish that my body would let me do the work I want to do. I guess it just means that I am meant to go in another direction. Its awefully difficult to get people to accept new ideas. I know other people massage animals, I just haven't heard an aweful lot about it. But I know it works. Jens dog is a perfect example. She won't stop nuging me until I rub her!!
I started massaging animals when I was a kid. I just knew it made them feel better, like it does us. * makes me remember this old dog Brandy that I miss a lot, I love you pup!*
Damn now I have all these memories flooding back from when I was a kid, I smell the bonfire, the hot sand, the salt air and the roasting marshmellows. I can hear all the people laughing and talking, I can feel the sand under my bare feet....
Robinsons Beach on Whidbey Island, It was a resort in Mutiny Bay. Those where great summers!!
Okay back to my original subject. I don't want to pack every thing up again. Goddamn!, I just did that shit, how many times..
Well, here I go again. This time I don't have anything to give away or leave behind. I already did all that. But Jen. She has to give up lots of stuff. There just isn't going to be room for all the stuff she has packed around all these years. It will be good for her though. There are so many things that she has had for so very long that really are just weighting her down . Making her cling to the material. She will feel very much lighter and happier without all of that.
As for me. The only thing I am leaving behind is rotten eggs. Some of you know what I mean by that, others don't. Some people who read my blog and are family should get the point.
I really need to address a blog to those people one of these days. Should make for interesting reading for those of you who think everything was just perfect...Okay off I go on another twist.
Sorry folks. Just had a lot to think about these last few weeks off line.
I'll get around to explaining more. Maybe.
Love to all

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