Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I know I haven't been around much

I feel bad, like I have been neglecting old friends. I just haven't wanted to write anything. I tend to do that,avoid blogger completely if I don't feel like writing. The reason I do that isn't to avoid friends, its to avoid creativity, inspiration, and the need then to write.
I know that sounds terrible. Especially since I am a terrible writer.
I just love to do it. And I know it would be nice of me to say that I blog because of the friends I have made here, but that would taste a lie. I blog for the original reason I began. To get things off my chest. To reason things out for myself using this forum to do so. I have met many awesome and amazing people thru blogger. I have made many wonderful friends, some quit blogging, one passed away, and others have faded off, or we just lost contact and I deleted there links just to keep things neat and easy for myself. I know that when I get in my really thoughtful moods and I write everything I think, people start to fade away and don't comment. Oh, I'm not complaining, I would wander off too. I just noticed that when I am not being fun and charming and whitty people fade away like the stars do in the morning. I think I am mentioning it because I wish my stars would come back. Right now I need my friends. Here and everywhere else. I don't know what for, other then just to feel loved. I am feeling lost , alone, confused, empty and yet overwhelmed.
I feel so tired. I just need my friends. Plain and simple. I need to know you are there, or here, or anywhere. I need to know that you are by my side no matter where you might live.
Take my hand.......?

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