Thursday, March 10, 2005

blogger is hell right now!

Okay I don't know what is up with blogger right now, but I can't leave a comment anywhere. and even when I try to email from blogger it doesn't let me! TOO frustrating. I am wondering if I will even be able to post. Is blogger trying to get us to pay for this service?I certainly hope not. Blogger is the best place I have seen so far and I enjoy doing this, I hope there are just some kind of bugs running around blogger system and they are trying to work them out. Anybody got a can of internet RAID!
I am not ignoring anybody, I am reading at all my usuall spots. I will try to comment everywhere I go and hope that I am succesful. If I don't comment on your spot, its only because I wasn't able to not because I didn't visit and didn't want to. Love you all and I wish everyone a great day!
Hopefully the gods of blogger will get the kinks worked out. Maybe they should try a steam iron:)

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