Monday, March 14, 2005

Comments Post

I have been unable to post comments to some of the blogs that I read daily so I decided to post them here.
dl: The Notebook sounds like a great movie I keep hearing great things about it . As for pookie, you are right, she will figure it out very quickly!
cedia: my passion is the work I can no longer do because of my back. I used to be a caregiver. And of course my kids too! I loved your post on the F word! Brilliance just plane brilliance:)
boabhan: Men are like marshmellows, they don't do anything until you light a fire under them :) Anonymous commenters aren't all assholes! Your new newphew is beautiful:)
blue lp: I love your blog and will check periodically on your semi retirement.
babydufus: I think I might just be going your way:)
pep: Breathe! Honey - just breathe! you can handle it, and it WILL get better:)
Jay: How very imformative of you! I like Jolly Ranchers instead of cough drops:) and I am sticking with Hawaii as my destination suggestion. Hell I'll even take time out of my not so busy schedule and go along:):):)
My dear friend of Nanas Sweet peas: June 10th I will have my long hair cut short and donate it to locks of love in your moms name. I am glad that you have a YAY of the day now, its good to see the positive in even the little things that happen each day. Much love and prayers to you and your mom.

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