Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Borrowed from Cedia, borrowed from Darth

I live: with kids
I work:at changing
I talk:to much sometimes
I wish:for peace of mind
I enjoy: cooking
I look:for the positive
I must:get sex!
I forget:everything
I find:your smile
I smell: roses
I listen: to small voices
I hide: from clowns
I pray: for lost souls
I walk: a fine line between sanity and insanity
I write: letters to neighbors
I see: spirits
I sing: loudly and mostly off key!
I laugh:alot
I left: to abusive husbands
I won:a jar of jelly beans in 3rd grade
I can: carry eight bags of groceries, a baby,my purse,a soda, my keys, an unlock the door and open it!
I own: my mind
I watch: people
I yearn: to touch a star
I daydream: by the minute
I fall:in love at the drop of a hat
I want: to be skinny
I cry: at stupid stuff
I burn:with desire
I read: Anne Rice
I love: my children
I rode: a huge german shepard when I was two
I sometimes: dance or play in the rain
I touch: carefully
I hurt: constantly
I fear: war
I hope: My children and grandchildren inheret an earth that is not a desert waste land
I use: garlic in everything
I break: glass. plates, etc,just trying to wash them or looking at them fuuny
I eat: brussels sprouts! YUMMI!
I quit: smoking for two years once
I bathe: with soap
I still: love my first boyfriend
I drink: Mt. Dew!
I stop: cruelty
I save: the lost
I lost: so much that I have cherished
I take:pens from everywhere
I trip out: when I can't find my kids!
I hug: my kids and everything and everyone else that I possibly can, I am a touchy feely huggy kind of person
I play: nicely,( promise)
I miss: my grandpa louis
I hold: my kids
I forgive: R.S.c. for what he did to my kids
I drive: a red 88 subaru which I love
I learn: everyday
I dream: strange dreams
I have:told the future
I remember: when I was born my birth mother held me and told me she loved me and to find her if something happend and she couldn't get me back from foster care.She kissed me and told me to remember and I did.
I don't: deceive
I like: living
I made: myself better
I kiss: with all my heart and soul
I believe: in god, heaven, angels, and magic
I wait: for redemtion
I need: a breast reduction
I owe: gratitude
I hate: no one
I feel: squishy
I can't: dance in front of people
I know: what I have learned so far
I applaud: those who fight for what they believe in
I am: beautiful
I figure:Everyone and everything has a spirit, a soul, we will all end up in heaven eventually because god is love and he will forsake no one.

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