Saturday, March 05, 2005

Not so much

Well there's just not much interesting going on right now. So I have decided to post another list. Things I like, not so much!
1) Goolash , sometimes its good sometimes its not.
2) T.p. very useful stuff, but not when the kids or the cats decide it is a toy to be strown about everywhere.
3) Eggs, mostly yummi, but sometimes just looking at a raw egg makes me want to puke.
4) Pet Birds, I love the sound of the little guys, and they are quite entertaining to watch. But my god they are messy.
5) House plants, I love the way they look, I love how the dirt smells after being watered. But sometimes it is just a pain in the ass to take care of all of them. I have alot, and for some insane reason I keep buying more or making new ones with cuttings.
6) This contraption, Yes it keeps me connected to the world and sometimes I wonder what I ever did without it, but then on the other hand it has become an addiction.
7) Smoking cigs, god I love smoking, but damn does it stink, and its messy and dirty and just plain nasty.
8) Soap, Good stuff, keeps a body clean. Now if they could just make soap that doesn't disintegrate after one shower I would be happy indeed, and lets not forget about soap scum (ew)!
9) Grass in my yard. I love it when it is green. I love the smell of it. I do not however enjoy mowing it and I keep putting it off.
10) My kids. I love them more then life itself, sometimes I just wish they would be quite and clean, just for a day no drama of any kind. (Calgon take them away!)( okay no one take my kids, it will be like signing your death warrant!!!!!!)
11) Dishes, I love washing dishes. problem, My hands are very dry right now.
12) clothes. Great for keeping a body warm AND stacking up in the laundry room.
13) Windows, great for looking out of, not soo great that people can see in!
14) Having pets.I love the little things but damn they are getting expensive.
15) electricity, great for reading, great for powering this contraption, great for hot water. Not so great for the ol wallet!

Okay there are some things I like, Not so much!
HAve a great day everyone!!!!!!

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