Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Its a get a tattoo kind a day!

Today was an eventful day!
Went to breakfast with BIB and Pan.Pan was suspended from school again for two days. The child is on a roll and I don't know what to do about that.Still hoping that things will get better on that score...
Then went and paid some bills with BiB and we took some stuff out to my sister T and then we all three went and got matching tattoos! I am going to spell this wrong so please forgive me. It is a symbol called a triqutra.It is the symbol for the power of three. T and BiB and I all feel that we are very connected. Bib is T and I's soul sister if you will.And we are also all natural witches.So it just fits us. We are all very happy with the tattoos and have been thanking eachother since we got um.It was interesting to see how we all handled getting poked. I just sat there.BiB put her head down on the chair and after a bit almost fell asleep.T just sat there and chatted on and on as is usual for her.While I was getting stabbed she kept trying to make me laugh which would have been very bad indeed! The Bitch!!!!!
Anyway. T is buying my car and I can't wait to get out of here and get onto the beach!
When I got home I discovered that my children had found a stray or lost puppy.She is sooo adorable, she is mocha colored and looks to be a husky shepard mix.Very sweet too.
I am going to make sure she doesn't belong to anyone. And if she doesn't she is going to belong to us! Bibs wants her and stuff but my kids found her and begged to keep her if she doesn't have a family already. I have never been able to resist an animal of any kind ever. I have had sooo many pets its unbelievable.I even got into trouble once for trying to help a dog.My neighbor called the cops on me because she said I stole her dog! I didn't know it was her dog. How am i supposed to know who owns a dog five frickin houses away...
Anyway that is a post for another time.Suffice it to say I have a record as a dog thief third degree:)
Now I must go and do some reading and hopefully some comment posting. Much love to everyone.:)

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