Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Here I am, I think?!?

I am not sure what is going on with me, I can't seem to stay well. I now have a terrible cold and just want to lay down and die!
I did absolutely nothing yesterday, not even laundry, which I desperatley need to get done.Had a great time on Sunday meeting Cowboy Joe Cool! He is very nice and much taller then he looks in pictures.We had a good time going out for coffee, I would have like to stay longer but snowvhite needed to come home and get some sugar, no she is not diabetic, she is just addicted to candy :)
I would love to meet everyone of my blogger friends actually.
Who knows maybe someday I will make it to Texas and Oklahoma.Or maybe even Scottland! That would be awesome, I have always wanted to visit Scottland.Anyway, not much is going on and I am not feeling well,I think I need to go to the Doctor and find out why I am always sick.I think it might be the weird weather we have been having, and this could actually be allergies/hay fever because it is early spring around here and there is alot of pollen in the air.Anyway I need to go check out what everyone has been up to and maybe find some new folks to visit! Hope everyone has a spectacular day:)

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