Sunday, March 27, 2005


I have had the busiest four days of my life I think!
I had Easter dinner on Saturday with all my birth family.Mom came up from Olympia on Friday and stayed with me for the weekend wich was a first! ANd Saturday my sister T and her guy D came with the kids R and M. And My bro Sev and his lady Tr. and the boys Ex and Droo. And of course BIB came for the dinner, Did a bunch of packing and moving trying to get her out of her apartment and gave a bunch of my plants and my bookcase that my Uncle G built in highschool shop class and my twenty long fish tank with fish to T and D.
The bookcase went with the stipulation that if they ever where going to give it away or didn't want it it is to go to my parents or they can ship it to me.
BIB gave T and D and snowvhite and K a bunch of stuff and sold them some really nice furniture for a 1oo bucks for everything. Today I went to BIB's and helped her pack some more stuff out to T and D's along with big plants from my house. MY huge jungle has dwindled down to five lonely plants. Mom took some home as well. After BIB had to go to work I kept her truck and she took my car and I went over to her apartment with T and D and loaded up more stuff. Then they had to leave and so I took a bit of a break and went back to BIB's place and packed and cleaned and OMIGOD I am sooo tired and worn out. Then T and D where able to come back and D loaded up the truck again. I am sitting here now taking a bit of a break. BIB's just called and she is getting me a happy meal. Then we are going to go back over I think and finish up the last bit.There is not much to do. She has an antique tea pot set that is oriental dragons and is beautiful. I refused to touch it! IF she breaks it packing it and moving it etc then she can't kill me! So we have to get her tea pots and her cats and pack up a bit in her room and that is all she wrote until tomarrow when we take a bunch of stuff to Goodwill. TIred. So. Tired.....
I have so much to do tomarrow too. I have to help BIB's then I have a teacher conference to attend. I have to make a bunch of calls and find a document that has escaped me. I have to go through clothes and linens, I was supposed to have done that already but have been to busy. I need to do laundry and some cleaning. I have to put an add in the paper for birds and hammster and my car!
Damn to much to do so little time. I will probably have to jump on line to see what I am supposed to do, because tomarrow I will have forgotten!!!!!
I hope everyone had a lovely Easter filled with family, fun, and candy:)
Thankyou all for your lovely Easter wishes on my last post.....

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