Sunday, August 28, 2005

Flowers in the morning!!!

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Hideleyho neighboreenos!!!
I can't wait to go to work!!
It smells so good in there! I get to go to work everyday and see something beautiful! I get to deliver flowers to some one who isn't expecting it at all! I get to take flowers to hospitals and weddings and funerals and all kinds of places. I can't wait!!! I do believe this will be a great job for me. And it will be great experience. If I am lucky I might even pick up a thing or two about arranging flowers! And I think they will let me bring home plants that they have cut all the leaves off and there are only stubs left. Those plants will come back with no problem and it makes me crazy that they throw them away...
Anyway, lots of stuff is going on. I got a chance to get around a bit yesterday. But today I don't see that happening. Today is just a VERY lazy day and I am working hard at it.
Tomarrow I will find out if I get to move this week.
Please everyone keep praying for Rebekah. And make sure to add Gage and Joshua in there too.
I want to publish another prayer list but so far no one has made any requests. Please do so!!!!!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!!!
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