Saturday, August 20, 2005


I wonder how many posts have been entitled " Ramblings"?
I wonder how many times have I used that title ?
I wonder why some people are so bitchy? So up tight? Such "DIVAS"
Such drama starters?
I wonder why life can't just be a cake walk..
I wonder why it is that I fall in love with every other man I see, yet none of them fall in love with me?
I wonder why it is that people are so shallow?
I wonder what the moon thinks of all of this?
I wonder why is it that sometimes I really want to disapear?
I wonder , why are people so fucking mean sometimes?
Why do people hate?
Why can't I find a stupid job?
What am I doing wrong?
Why do people have to suffer?
Why do children die young from horrible diseases?
Why does the world spin ?
And rotate?
And orbit the sun?
Why did god wake me up this afternoon?
Why did I not want to go into that bar?
What are my youngest two doing tomarrow with there grandma?
What is my oldest doing right now with J and B and T?
Why do I not like mushrooms?
Who made it some kind of unwritten law that fat chicks are undesirable?
Why is there unrequited love?
Why can I not stop laughing some times?
Why can I not stop crying now?
I need help.
But I don't know where to go.
God, I give this to you....
Will you carry me now?

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