Sunday, December 04, 2005

100 bloggers

I posted HERE today!!!!!!

When I read about it at Joes I just knew I had to join in!!
And I have since discovered that Dl joined in too!!!
After I posted I noticed that someone is pulling out. So there may be more slots left.
JOIN THE FUN!!!!!!!!!!
Went out last night and had a good time.
The music was good. the vocal were not.
Of course we didn't go to ROcko;s then the music would have kicked ass.
We had a good time anyway. There was this man there that REALLY new how to dance.
Oh man me and moo almost melted watching those hips!!
Hee hee hee.
Anyway, today was just grocerie shopping and picking up crickets for Lolo's hungry little mouth!!! She is TINY but she sure can suck down the crickets!
Well I think I have nothing to say actually. At least right now. I am pretty tired and pretty sick with what ever the hell is going around now. YUK.
I think we are going to be disco'd from the internet tomarrow unless we figure out something quickly and get it to a pay point. I don't have much faith in that happening.
So I will be going to the library at least twice a week to use a computer. UG.
Shouldn't take long to get back up and running though. Some how. We just need to pay the bill off and then get it hooked back up. Seeing as I actually have a job now it shouldn't take to long. I am going to be job hunting all day tomarrow though until I have to go to work. Because I DO NOT want to do telephone soliciting any longer then absolutely neccasary. AH shisters I just tried to talk to Amanda and I sound like a mouse with gravel in its throat!
Maybe the people I call tomarrow will feel sorry for me and make appointments to see the demonstrations and maybe they will buy whatever it is the saleman is trying to sell and I will make lots of tips and comissions and win the contest for the night. And get a record breaking raise in the first night I work. yeah. Thats whats gonna happen!!!
Hey, it could.

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