Monday, December 05, 2005

Just call me Gus Gus

GOD am I sick. I called work. The man who answered the phone says to me" It would be very hard to do phone work with a voice like that." He put me on hold and I could hear him laughing. THen the gal that hired me came on the line and she said just to give them a call each day as to how I am doing and sounding and I can start then. THen she says, " get better" hee heee heeee. And was laughing at me. LIke I said, I sound like a mouse with gravel in its throat. And when I laugh. I am totallly a dead ringer for snidely. Even when I cough or try to clear my throat all I get is a squeek. I am goping back to bed now.....

If you know who Gus Gus is you get extra credit!!!!

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