Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Voice coming back

Yesteray it was in and out bad. Sometimes it would be almost normal and other times only a whisper. Today it is much better and I think I will be able to start my job tomarrow.
I wrote something very very sexy at secret smutt and got all hot and bothered and almost made the mistake of getting some from someone I don't want to do that with. YIKES! Close call.
Anyway, my new found virginity intact, I am waiting for my moo to get home so that I can go to the mall and pay my t~ mobile bill. I don't know where the hell she is she should have been home by now. Not much interesting going on, cept I don't know why comcast hasn't been here yet to disconnect us. I am expecting it any minute. short post gotta go. Derek is calling~

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