Saturday, December 03, 2005


I got out of the house and did something fun!!!!
Jen and I went to my favorite bar. Rocko's and had a blast.
And we are going out again tomarrow because my favorite local band will be there tomarrow night!!! Breadline Blues here I come!!!!!! You can see what I am talking about at they are just so awesome!!!!
Jen and I had so much fun tonight. I just wish our friend Vee could have been there too. She would have had so much to talk about she might have exploded from white trash french hore over load!!!! ( Inside joke) Jen kissed a guy with a really hairy chest which I am SOOOOO gonna tease her about tomarrow.
She absolutely hates hairy men, she thinks they are gross and this guy was hairy!!! She is gonna so puke hahahahah, serves her right for getting so drunk and dissing the guy all night.
GOd got her for being a bitchy witchy!!! HE HEE HEE. Hmm maybe that jack and pepsi got to me more then I thought.
I only had one, maybe I am just feeling more relaxed then I have in weeks. I really needed to get out to a comfortable place and just let loose and relax. Now I need a shower though I smell like smoke and it is grossing me out. Since I haven't smoked in SEVEN MONTHS!!!!! WOOOTTTT WOOOOOOO...
GOtta go, Have a great day, night, evening. HEEE HEEEEE...

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