Tuesday, December 06, 2005

No voice

I have now just since waking up. Lost my voice completely.
This is bad. And mom had to leave so I have no way of calling my job to let them know.
Thats okay, I will have to go over to Jens and have her call my mom and have my mom call my job to let them know I can't even talk.
I have never completely lost my voice before. All I can do is whisper when I need to say something. Vee if you read this call me anyway. I need to talk to you, well whisper to you.
Woo ohh!!
Anyway, today is the day that at some point I will be loosing internet. Moo hasn't sent in the payment yet. And it was due a while back sooooo. There for we will be having some issues for awhile. It shouldn't take to long.
Well here we go again. It is the sixth and my rent was due by yesterday. And I still haven't gotten a check from L & I. This is not good. It is ridiculous that this is happening. Its totally on their end and it could cause me to loose the roof over my childrens heads.
I have to go down to the managers office again to see if he is in yet. I really don't want to recieve another three day pay or vacate.
And I really don't want to have to pay another 35.00 late fee. There isn't anything I can do about that though. The rent is late and thems the rules. So I will pay that too.
As soon as I get that check.
I am hoping and praying that my L & I check will be there and also my child support check. Then I can pay the rent and put gas in my car. I so need to get my voice back.
I have to got to get to work. I can't believe this crap. Am I just not meant to work that job?
Is this something in my mind affecting my voice?
I don't know. I just want it to come back so I can make some freeking money.

Sierras birthday is coming fast just three days away. I can't believe she is going to be eleven years old.
Holy Wow. ELEVEN!!!!!
I can't believe the time has gone by so quickly.
Amanda is almost 15
And Lynn just turned nine and she is so tall
They are all so tall
Poor Lynn is home from school again today. She is coughing so hard that sometimes it makes her puke.
Poor baby.
Well I guess thats all for now folks.
Until I get internet again.
See ya all later.
Have a VEry Merry Christmas I will be missing all of you!

Just back from Dl. Time to Tell. PLEASE GO READ HER POST. It is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have ever read ever. GO READ IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!

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