Wednesday, December 07, 2005

MY FIRST POST EVER! Happy bloggerversarie to me!!! LATE!!

out in the openWell here we are its another day in the neighborhood folks.I just feel like writing, and I am trying to figure out this damn blogger thing. Hopefully I have it handled now if not I am sure to find out soon huh?! There is so much that I want to say, Like things that piss me off, You know ladies on those personals web sites how all the men are only specific about one thing that they want....SKINNY! NON FAT! Everything else is open for discussion, so just as long as you are willing to get laid on the first meeting they don't care if you have all your teeth or if you took a shower or shaved your legs. They don't care what you interests are because there only interest in you is if you are willing to get poked! I have totally given up on fiding a date online, or in a bar. I guess if I want to meet a nice man who genuinely cares about people and me the most I had better start dating eligible clergy!LOL oh that cracks me up.No but really what is the deal with men these days, and some women too actually... I just don't get it. What happened to growing up and getting married to Mr. Right.Having it all,the house the kids the dog, the white picket fence.okay screw the fence. But what about the rest of it????? And why is it that people feel that they have to be madly in love with someone to start a relationship, doesn't that develop as the relationship blossoms??? I guess maybe I am from another planet. Maybe tryactin4...Hmmm Maybe....Well anyway Mr. Right is certainly not going to come down from outer space and sweep me off my feet... I'm pretty sure I would run as fast and far away as I possibly could, Those outer space guys are only interested in one thing and my anus does NOT need to be probed thankyou very much!The other thing that is has me peeved is teenagers, I have one and man I am telling you she is just walking down the wrong path. Same path I went down mind you,but in as much it is absolutely unexceptable that she would choose to do the same. I don't like it and I won't have it.She actually tried smoking pot a couple of weeks ago.O good lord in heaven please do help me!OKay now something cheery please!Lets see something cheery.Oprah Winfrey walks this planet, Now that is good news.Martha Stewart in jail. YAY!

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