Friday, December 02, 2005


I am tired of feeling sick and tired and depressed. I really don' t like feeling this way at all.
I just want to run away from everything and everyone.
I know I am not the only person who has ever felt that way.
I just want to pack a back pack for each of my kids and myself and take off to some where unknown and tropical.
What stops me? Lack of funds and fear. I need a fresh start some where it doesn' t snow. Or get very cold. And yet I don't want it to get too hot either.
I know picky picky. I am thinking Hawaii. It's nice and tropical, not too hot, never too cold. Lots of water around. Plenty of sand. relaxed atmosphere. And I am used to living near valcanoes and the threat they pose. Tropical storms not so much. But I can learn to live with those too. As long as they don't trun into mass destructive hurricanes.
Speaking of hurricanes, did you know that vh1 is giving thousands of musical instruments to kids effected by hurricane Katrina. In the schools they are in now. And Vh1 is helping to rebuild school band rooms for the 36 schools they were already helping in New Orleans and other areas affected by the hurricane. I just think that is so cool. Vh1 and there " Save the Music" program is one of the neatest things I have heard of. They give thousands and thousands of musical instruments to kids every year, they help with making band rooms, and they assist with uniforms and even give grants to teachers. Awesome! There are so many other types of programs out there that help people in so many ways. I think it is wonderful that kids that want to play music and be in a band can be. Music is awesome. Music can soothe a soul or get you dancing. Music has proven to be healing and to help plants grow. Mostly classical there. SO cool VH1!!! Gotta give em props for all their hard work and dedication. If you can donate in any way. Please do that today. Don't let music die because of poverty or because sports are deemed more important.
My dog is licking my toes.......
He has a foot fetish I think.......
He smells like he was into kitty box treats again. EWWWWW.
I need a shower now!!!
Wow am I rambling or what. I just woke up and hear I am with all my first thoughts of the day. I can't believe I slept so late again today. I did the same thing yesterday. Okay I need sleep but not this much. This is one of the first signs that the depression is seriously back. I need to call my doctor too. I just can't afford to buy meds. Huh. What a spot to be in. I hate not having medical coverage. I need to figure something out though.
Okay I need to shower, my dog licked my toes ewwwww.
Have a great day every body!!!!!

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