Saturday, December 10, 2005


You guessed it, internet connection is gone. It sucks too.
I am at my parents house right now. They got home from Arizona yesterday afternoon and wanted the kids to spend the night with them. So I am taking advantage of the internet oppportunity.
Hopefully I won't be offline for very long.
I went to another job interview Friday. It would be absolutely perfect for me so I need prayers that I will get the job. Its at a retirenment facility working as a receptionist for four hours a night from 5 pm to 9 pm.
I have a feeling someone else is on their way out so it could quickly work into more time. I also got the distinct feeling that I was the only one who said I could work christmas and would be happy to do it.
The place is absolutely beautiful. They have many excellent policies. I would soooo love to work there.
I would still be able to work around the elderly and help to get people in their. Awesome! I want that job. The lady said she was making her decision Monday or Tuesday. I told her I looked forward to hearing from her. I think the interview went very very well. Keep your fingers crossed!
In other news I think Jen might be moving back in with me.
We are going to try to get to the Lynrd Skynrd concert this friday. I WANT TO GO!!!!!!! Jen and I want to take Amanda as one of her christmas presents. She loves Lynrd Skynrd. What can I say. I have well rounded kids. Kids who know great music when they freekiin hear it!
Went out last night with Jen and T and L. Had alot of fun. I was going to go out tonight. But I am feeling really rotten. I feel nauseated and just yucky, even though I take prilosec every day I woke up with acid in my mouth and nose, feeling like it was burning my ear drums. It was really bad. I had just fallen asleep around 3:30 or so and woke up at 4:00, I couldn't fall back asleep until almost 7:00am. I woke up at 10:00 to bring the kids to my parents by 11:30. Ug. Yeah with no kids tonight I think I am just going to hang out at home and enjoy the peace and quiet. IN BED. We still have cable tv until the 17th. I am hoping Jen will move in with me. It will help us both a lot. And she can put cable in her name. I am still paying my bill from last time.Which is going to take me awhile because of the bill situation now.Anyway. Hopefully I will get to the library sometime this week to check email and blog a little bit. I miss being online. I am already going through with drrawls. Love you all. GOnna try to go visit some folks now!!!!

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