Monday, December 26, 2005

Traversing the Rainbow

Some times warped thoughts travel like lighting threw the mists in my mind,
illuminating a trail of rhinestones and rubies.
Jade covered memories a stone pathway gone zigzaggedly astray.
Crystalized learnings clinging to the pink and purple walls of my shattered brain.
Painted pictures of you in oily relief hang from sharded rafters chared with pain.
Webs of careing conversations strung along the leaky pipes underneath and out to my ears were they escape into the moonlit sky of remembered tendernesses.
A wink in time a wrinkle on the left side were time stands still in static undertow.
Twisted in time without syncopation to my unincorporated pattern of thought, the sunlight of childhood seeps in to desimate the monsters of agony that seek to destroy my most precious memories of you and me.
Laughter sparkles in the effervescence of your voice ringing in the ears of my lifetime. Missing you will always be a rainbow to traverse.

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