Monday, October 24, 2005

And now a few thoughts from our sponsor......

Sometimes its nice just to write about what ever comes to mind.
Today those thoughts are sponsored by the letters O. U. C. And H.
Yes thats right folks that spells OUCH.
I feel like someone is trying to rip out my guts.
It it unknown wether is attributed to stress, stress, the new med, or stress.
It has occured to me that even laughter can hurt when your stomach is trying to take your life.
I know my posts lately have been whiny and bitchy, I know I am complaining a lot. I do apologize I know I am usually much more positive. Every now and then after the full moon I feel the need to purge myself of the negative thoughts and emotions I have built up since the last full moon.
So here goes.
1) I hate it when I am an idiot.
2) I am frequently an idiot.
3) some people really really really piss me off.
4) Sometimes finding out that something you suspected all along is true, It isn't the relief you think it might be to know you were right.
5) Sometimes I make sense to no one but me.
6) Number five really pisses me off.
7) I hate it when my children do not listen to me.
8) I hate the fact that I have to clean my kitchen five times a day because I cannot CANNOT handle it being messy.
9) I hate the fact that I feel like biting everyones heads off right now and feeding said heads to Satan.
10) I am getting cranky because I quit my job, Which was dumb, got another one, and an 87 year old woman decided that i am too young to care for her. And now i am searching for another job, so desperate am I for a job that I interviewed for a telemarketing position today. ( insert LONG PIERCING MOURNFUL SCREAM)
11) Moo just came in and asked if I wanted anything at the store. Um Yeah I do actually. Do they make creamfilledchocolate cheetos with nuts and nicotine??
12) I know secrets and I want to TELL SOME ONE.
13) I hate being stressed out and feeling like I need to scream but I can't.
14) Sometimes I want to kick my dog, cat, kid/s, friends, moo, sister, Dave, Derek, my car, the slow old lady pushing her cart in front of me, the guy talking on his cell phone who practically ran over three kids, my dog...
15) Sometimes when I shake someones hand for the first time. Especially a man. I want to ask " Did you wash that?"
16) Somedays I feel like wearing a t~shirt that says, " BOW TO ME I AM THE QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE." and if someone doesn't bow, I will have a big ugly dude willing to kill just for fun staning next to me with a chainsaw .
17) Sometimes I wish I had the nerve to say how I really feel about things. .......

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