Thursday, October 13, 2005

Lots to do!

Well today is the day that I go over to the old house for almost the last time. Today is final cleaning day. I have to scrub the floors and kick boards and wash the windows and wash out the fridge. It will take me all day to do by myself. The house was huge. I loved that house, but now all I feel is relief that I don't have to live there anymore and I don't have to ever clean it again after today. It has all wood floors and linoleum. There is only carpet in the bedroom downstairs and the stairs and bedrooms upstairs. Thankgod I cleaned upstairs out months ago and got that completely done.just thinking about doing it now gives me a headache. There really isn't that much to do. If the house was smaller it would only take about an hour. But because of its hugeness I will be there all day. T was gonna help me. But now her and Dave are going to rearrange there house because Dave actually has a day off for once on a weekday other then Tuesday. I am getting very happy that I will only be at that house a few more times before I never go there again!!! My dad and I have to empty out the shed from years of tenants including myself and people that have stayed with me. And then I need to get my bed. I told my moo this morning that I cannot sleep on this stupid bed one more night. I want my bed back. PERIOD!
So now I have to try to figure out a way to get it here. HMmmmm. Well I hope you all have a really great day today. I'll be thinking of you as I scrub the floors and wash the walls....heh...

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