Friday, October 07, 2005


There is just so much going on right now. I don't even know where to begin. I got a notice on my door today. Apparently there is some kind of building code violation going on with this building. SO thats lovely. Anyway, The apartment manager still needs to fix my shower doors and put a door in my bedroom and laundry room door jams. I still need to hang curtains in the entry hallway and the kids room for closet covers as there are no doors there either. There is one door in my room on the huge ass closet and its broken. I would have preferred for it to be taken out because it is quite ugly. I really can't complain though. I got half off the first months rent for cleaning the place myself. And if the repairs aren't made I will get half off next months rent too.
I have an interview tomarrow at 1:45 to take care of an 87 year old lady. Just her. Noc shifts.
Four nights one week three the next etc etc etc. I could do that! It would be way better then the job I have now and I wouldn't have to drive!!!!!!!!! YAY!! I gotta get that job. More pay too, and more hours. Wish me luck!
I haven't heard from Derek for about a week. Something is going on with his phone. And they still don't have a house phone from when kartrina roared through. A lot of stuff is still going crappy for him. He quit driving for Knight so he could stay home with his kids and family. He does not want to go on the road at all anymore and Knight is begging him to come back. They offered him a brand new truck and a raise if he would come back. He won't do it and I don't blame him. I think he might get desperate here pretty quickly though if he can't find a job soon.
He is used to having money in his pockets to do what he needs to do. Since I haven't talked to him for about a week I am hoping he got the job he was interviewing for on Monday and that he is working and thats why I haven't heard from him or been able to get ahold of him.
My cat Kajun freaked the hell out when we moved him from the house to here. Its been like hell for him, I am afraid to let him outside because I don't want him to run away or something worse. He is freaked out by the size of the building from the outside and I am afraid he wouldn't know how to get back once he is outside. But he has issues with litter boxes. As in he has never used one and doesn't know what the hell it is. So there for I am finding "gifts " on my fucking carpet.
The damn cat has to go outside, its him or me. I guess if something happens to him it does. I just tried to put him outside and he won't go!!! STUPID EFFING CAT (__)
****special not to uga buga lips**** MORE PORK FAT!!!!!*****
And with that I will bid you all a fair evening.
Princess I had a great time surprising buggboy for his birfday. In just 7 years he will be 18!!

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