Monday, October 17, 2005

In general

Well, here we go, Drama yesterday, and now there is drama today. Only this drama is between my daughters. Sisters are hard on eachother man.
Makes me kinda glad I wasn't raised with Princess T. We had enough ups and downs as it was the past 13 and a half years. I can't imagine what we would have put eachother through if we had grown up together. Bitchin about who had how much of the room, who made eyes at who's boyfriend. Who got an a and who got an a-. I am glad that we met when I was twenty and she was 17. We had already done all that with our friends! Of course the shit we did put eachother through hit deeper because we didn't know eachother all that well. There were so many times when I wondered if things would be different if we had known how the other would react to certain words or actions. And would we have changed how we treated eachother, or would we have went ahead and been so raw and honest anyway.
It makes me think of how I am raising my children also. Allowing them to settle most arguements and problems amongst themselves. Moo hasn't interviened much between me and T and Sev. But we are all older. I wonder how much she would have interviened between us when we were little.
I have rules like no hitting and I make them stop yelling at eachother. I want them to learn to talk things out. I know that will come easier with age. I just want them to know how to talk to eachother now. I think that problem solving skills start at home. If they learn how to deal with eachother diplomatically and with cool heads I believe they will be much more capeable of doing so with others. Just as we teach our children honesty and to respect themselves and others. We need to teach them communication skills. But how much do we teach them and how much do they learn on their own?
I need to do some more cleaning. I can't stand when the house feels dirty or disorganized. I want everything in its place.
I got the birds for Sierra today. I think she was shocked to see them. I asked her if she saw anything because she didn't say anything. She saws " yah, I see two cocktails." Too funny! They are cockatiels! We can't drink birds:)
The birds are sweet and so is the ktten I got yesterday. She is an absolute lover.
( Wanda, Moo is my : Mother Of Origin or MOO:)
I needed a way to keep the two straight. My mom, who I am angry with. and my Moo who lives with me now.
I think I have issues with breaking away from parental figures. )
Please Please Please visit Rebekah. She is not doing well again and needs more prayers to see her home again hopefully at the end of the week!!

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