Sunday, October 09, 2005


I am not really happy today, I am not really unhappy though either.
Had a great start to my day, and the end of it ain't so bad. It was just one thing that happend earlier that upset me quite badly. I went to the old house to clean and stuff. My moo went with me and so did all the kids. We took out the garbage and swept the floors and I cleaned the kitchen counters and cupboards and the bathroom. We picked up the yard and got the bikes in the back yard and all that kind of stuff. We did a lot and there was still more to do. The hardwood and linoleum floors need to be scrubbed and the bedroom carpet needs to be vacuumed and I need to put another add in the paper for my bed. I went next door to tell my mom and dad that I would be back Thursday with my swiffer and my vaccuum and that I would clean all the floors then. I would do it tomarrow but I have to work. Today I just wanted to get everything out of there and clean up and get it ready to do the floors and windows. And thats what I did. The only thing left is the bed and one box in the laundry room that I didn't have room for in my car. And there is some stuff that needs to go to the dump in the shed. Which my dad and I already arranged. Anyway, my mom started yelling at me that I was using them and abusing them. That I promised I would have the house clean this weekend. Um no I said I was going to come this weekend and that I would get the rest of the stuff out of there except the bed because I need a truck to take it to the dump if no one wants it. Anyway, she kept yelling and then she told me to stop yelling at her. Um K. I am supposed to listen to your bs and not say a dammn word in defense of myself? I don't think so. I have never been a bite my tongue and take it kind of girl and I aint gonna start now! My dad was wondering what the hell her problem was.
I told him to go look at the house himself. It's empty. The floors are swept, etc etc, counters clean etc, etc, I just need one more day to get the details done, and unfortunaltey my schedule doesn't coincide with my moms. I have to work. Then she started yelling at me that Amanda isn't in school yet. Well I have done my part, we are waiting on the school now. Then my dad asked if the kids had beds yet. No they don't. I have to call Voa, and I am still looking in the paper. SO now I am a horrible mother because my kids are sleeping on the floor. Um they choose to do that half the time anyway! Its not hurting them and it won't hurt them even if they needed to sleep on the floor for a couple weeks. I have a coouch, they trade off. They have a nice roof over there head and they have clean clothes, and new shoes, and and and. My children are not suffering. I do everything in my power to make sure they are happy and loved. They aren't that worried about it. They know mom will get them beds, and I will.
Anyway, Moo had to make herself get in the car before she went to jail for assualting my mom. And the kids were asking her. " grandma Donna why is our other grandma saying that stuff and acting like that to our mom?" And Amanda got so mad at my mom she was screaming at her to just shut up. I hate going over there. I can't wait til Thursday and I have the place cleaned and I can just walk away from it all.

On a happy side note please visit my Moo's new blog!!!! YAY!!!!

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