Friday, October 14, 2005

Some peoples children

Well my stupid brother was supposed to buy my car but he flaked out on me because he is my stupid brother. ( side note... I will be mentioning my stupid brother as many times as possible in this post) Anyway, I have to call Devry and see when he can help me go get Landons bed. I am buying that for 400.00 dollars. It is a beautiful california king rice bed. Rice because of the carvings on the posts. Anyway. I am excited about getting the bed, but I was supposed to give Landon some money this weekend and now it will have to wait until Monday because of my stupid brother. I think he just didn't want to part with that much money, and wanted to take his stupid girlfriend out for dinner with one of the guys she is probably ballin behind my stupid brothers back. Huh, wow, didn't know I was THAT mad..
Anyway, I also didn't get my L& I check in the mail yet. And the stupid L & I lady ( I seriously do not know how she has not managed to get fired yet) Doesn't quite understand that I am owed a check. She said another one will be going out on the seventeenth. Well thats fabulous but what about the one I was supposed to recieve Tuesday but didn't because they had the city wrong in my address????HMMMMM....I am sure somehow that this is all my stupid brothers fault. No, I don't know how yet, but give me time, I will make up something really good and dramatic, worthy of being either on Jerry or the next hot new day time soap.
Stupid brother.
I was looking through adds, trying to find a puppy and came across an add for a year and a half old lab. I would love to have a lab. I have always wanted a lab. For as long as I can remember. I also very much want an Irish wolfhound. I know I am weird. I would have ten thousand dogs if I could. But I can't possibly which I am sure is all do to my stupid brother. ( DO NOT BURST MY BUBBLE!)
I have to call the lady back on Sunday evening to set up a time to go look at him with my kids and me and Moos dogs. I want to see how they all interact. I don't want to bring a dog home and then have it chase my little dogs, or my cats, All though I wouldn't mind at all if he chases my stupid brother.
I wonder if my stupid brother will choke just a tiny bit on his steak tonight at dinner????
And is it totally evil of me to wish that he does, and when he does that he thinks to himself," I should bought my sisters car." Then he can stop choking. You know I don't want him to die or anything. I just want him to choke a little. Stupid fucking brother anyway.

Amazingly when I went to google images and typed in STUPID BROTHER
there where ten pages that popped up. This says so much more then I ever could!!
Here are two images that struck me as funny.
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
The fact that there is a flower called super stupid brother has got me rollin!!!

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