Saturday, October 15, 2005

Just a few things...

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1) I am a tie dye freak
2) I love my poster of Sting
3) I am extremely loyal
4) I try to live every day with integrity. ( I don't always succeed)
5) I adore the elderly.
6) I love babies
7) Most children drive me fucking nuts ( but I love them anyway)
8) My nephew R.C. is my favoritist little boy in the whole world.
9) I love Nickleback
10) My very bestest friend is a man named Derek. ( he is also frequently an ass)
11) The friend that I have had the longest is Tracy. ( since first grade)
12) The friend that I have had the longest that I talk to all the time is Veronica. ( since sixth grade)
13) My most treasured friend is Dave. ( since eigth grade) He is also basically my brother in law now.
14) The friend that understands me best is Jen.
15) I forgot what I was going to say next. ( crs strikes again)
16) I collect frogs
17) I love my dad more then I love my mom, and I love my moo more then I love either of them.
18) Sharon has caused me the most pain of all my friends.
19) My children are priceless to me and of no consequence to their fathers.
20) I love iced tea
21) I hate mushrooms ( I say this in all my lists)
22) I just moved to a much better place and I feel as though my whole life is changing for the better because of it.
23) I am fond of saying things like." It will all come out in the wash."
24) I am not always as smart as my advice to others makes me seem.
25) There have been times in the past when I should have kept my mouth shut.
I am going to add to this over the next few days. Right now I have to go walk my dog before I go to work. I got called in two days early because the other person they hired decided not to show up.
******Jac, you are amazing.....*****

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