Monday, October 10, 2005


Well today I got to work in the rain, and into the night. Delivering flowers is not what it is cracked up to be. I fucking absolutely hate my god damn fucking Job. I know I should be glad I have one.But frankly at this point I am just ready to be done with it. I can't handle the stress. It is affecting every aspect of my life and my health. This morning everything was going wrong and I know it was because I knew I was getting ready for work and was nervous about getting lost again.
Which I did three thousand and eight times exactly. I delivered my last arragement at 7 pm. I started work at 9:30 am. I know it doesn't sound hard to drive around all day listening to music and stopping once and awhile and going for a bit of a walk. And to say it it actually seems pretty nice. But then you add in that you are always contending with traffic and people with road rage who are in the biggest hurry of their lives. And you add in to that that you are constantly on the lookout for the road sign you want or the house number or business sign you need. And to make matters even more fun you are half blind and miss half the shit you are looking for so you are continously having to find a way to turn the fuck around. Then for real joy you mix in that the stupid fucking Thomas guide is from 99 and is missing at least half of the shit you need it to have and, aaand you are in a hurry because you need to do at least four deliveries an hour. Piece of cake you say. figure in all of the above and then make each deliverie a half an hour apart. Every way from sunday.
Plus in their some where you have to stop and do the shopping for the shop. which is kinda fun because you get to use a credit card when you have never had one in your life because you know you would owe the king of Siam a fortune.
And that aint even the half of it.......
I am so stressed out and in so much pain, The only way I am sitting here now is because I took the hottest longest shower of my life and then laid on my bed for a half an hour. And I need to get this off my chest. I do not however have the steam or the painfreeness to visit anyone much so Please don't feel ignored. It is still going to be awhile before I get to spend an entire day at home just blogging. If I haven't stopped by in awhile don't feel bad. Just remind me to come see you. I love you all, I am so glad to have this sounding board, I hope that I help some of you as much as you guys help me...........

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