Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Wouldn't it be wonderful if labels actually spoke the real truth and were not printed with every lie they are allowed by law.
And with that thought. Wouldn't it be great if people came with labels of their personality traits. You know you see this beautiful person walking toward you. ( whatever your idea of beautiful is) But they have a label on their shirt that says they are a jealous freakazoid.
Or they are a control freak. Or they have co depedant issues. Or they are just cruel or abusive. Yes I know this works for ugly people too. ( Whatever your idea of ugly is). But I am trying to make a point here.
You see a not so attractive person walking toward you and it says right on there label that they are the closest thing to a soul mate you can get to on earth. They are your forever love. THE ONE. But you , yeah you. Are just to shallow to let it happen. Because the package isn't pretty you keep walking. Its kinda like food. Most often the stuff that looks so freeking awesome is sooooooo bad for you. Full of all the bullshit you just don't need.
But that fabulous salad just gets ignored. Not that it isn't beautiful in its own way. Its just that most of the time, the fatty salty stuff hits the spot. You don' t want the healthful salad with all its nutrion that will sustain you. You want the candy and the pie and cake.
Well I am here to tell you gentle people. Life is full of fat and salt and sugar.
I would rather have the nutrion. Give me some one in my love life with substance. Some one who has a sense of humor and gets mine. Some one who can laugh at life and himself and his foibles. Give me some one who is smart enough to look at me and know how great I am. Give me someone who is kind and loving and has all the qualities I am looking for. I don't care what package he comes in. I will love him all the same.
I might even put a little Ranch on him!!

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