Monday, November 28, 2005

Michael Jackson Impersonator

Whilst in the kitchen making dinner and singing I'm just a love machine, I decided to add a twist to make Lynnie laugh, ( like she wasn't already from watching her fat mother gyrate to a silly song)
The voice of Michael Jackson eminated from my throat. Now for the past half hour I have been making my three lovely children collapse in giggles as I gyrate more and add a flare to the flick of my wrist and impersonate Mr. Jackson extrememly poorly while singing such songs as This little light of mine, I'm just a love machine, and amazing grace with a bit of scottish accent to make it even funnier.
I am in a fine mood! The girls say " mo oom, " and I say. " I ain't yo momma, you momma left cuz she went crazae." They just laugh and giggle heck I even got a snort or two!!!!

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